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With Luxurious, Accessible, Everyday Skincare That Aims To Help Your Skin Look It's Best Naturally With Healing Natural Aromas That Help You Feel Emotionally Balanced And Nurtured 

Hand Blended,Cruelty Free, Small Batch, Aromatic, Plant Based Skincare Made in Bristol UK



Ethical skincare that is very much relevant in modern day society with more people looking for natural solutions that offer them much more than topical nourishment

being acutely aware that what goes on internally in terms of emotions has the potential to affect what shows up on the outside 


“I think your products are the best blends and combinations I’ve encountered for a long time and they are simply full of magical power. Everyone who’s used them has felt this. Please keep on going” - Allie, Wild Oats, Bristol, UK


  • Ingredients and finished products that have not been tested on animals

  • 100% plant based, gentle formulations that aim to promote long term skin health, to positively balance the body, mind and the spirit with natural ingredients that are sourced from healthy and naturally nurtured lands

  • Uncomplicated natural active ingredients trusted by ancient and modern folk to nourish our skin and nurture us emotionally. 

  • Sustainable, fairly traded ingredients sourced by people who care from their caring partners

  • Wild harvested and genuine organic ingredients from lands and people that are valued and treated with respect

  • Some of the purest food grade aromatic oils in the world ensuring maximum therapeutic benefit for our skin and general well-being


Jenny - Hertfordshire, UK


I recently found Ntuka skincare and I fell in love with their facial oils. Also the lady behind the brand is of warm heart. This is already my second bottle of Moringa and Carrot oil.

The oil blend is full of vitamins and antioxidants from Moringa oil to soothe the fine lines and boost collagen production (defo need this). My skin feels moisturised, soft and looks radiant after applying the oil

Mano - Bristol UK


 I started the Argan and fennel oil. Loving the aroma. Aamzing. Loving it and my skin feels great. Your oils have a such a beautiful aroma that make you feel like you have just come out of a spa! They are part of my morning routine after yoga so wanted to say a big thank you because it's a great start to the day.  The power of a good smell hey!

Kate - Bristol, UK


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all of your products. I feel so renewed and more positive! My skin is so improved and hydrated. It was what I've been needing for a while as I've neglected myself since the baby arrived. Thank you SO much!

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